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Executive Director of Campus Life

Bruce Foster

Titans Booster Club

Middle Georgia Technical College wishes to thank these proud sponsors of the Titans Booster Club

Robins Federal Credit Union
Zaxby's (located at 861 Warren Drive)
Middle Georgia Orthopaedic - Dr. K. Scott Malone

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Welcome to Titan Sports

2011 TCSGAA Men's Regular Season and Conference Champs!!

MGTC Athletics Mission Statement

Middle Georgia Technical College supports its mission to serve students, the college, and the broader community which it serves. MGTC believes one of its major efforts is to provide an opportunity for students to achieve their maximum potential both athletically and educationally. It is MGTC's belief that many of the most important learning experiences in a college education take place outside the classroom.

Intramural athletic competition provides students with the opportunity to test themselves against the best in their sport. Through participation in training and competitive activities, MGTC hopes to teach several values: an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance in both winning and losing situations; a sense of group loyalty and the ability to work as a team; a feeling of pride in accomplishment through fair and honest means; an appreciation for cultural diversity, human development and continuous learning; and a sense of good sportsmanship and a high level of personal integrity and ethical conduct.

In order to accomplish these objectives, MGTC will promote intramural programs which promote diversity and fair play. MGTC will strive to operate its intramural programs at the highest competitive levels while simultaneously providing students with a stimulating program and sound support services. These services are responsible for protecting the health of and providing a safe environment for each of its participating students.

MGTC Intramural athletic program also serves to benefit non-participants. MGTC believes that a strong intramural athletics program enhances the college experience for all students, as well as faculty and staff. It also facilitates alumni interest in the College, while bringing positive recognition at local, regional, and state levels, resulting in much needed support for the College at every critical level.