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Non-Traditional Programs

Male Nurse A "Non-Traditional" program of study/vocation is defined as one in which 25% or less of one gender has been traditionally represented, enrolled, or worked in, and Middle Georgia Technical College is proud to offer numerous majors which fall within this definition. These programs are open to all with no preferential treatment shown towards males or females. For those who do decide to pursue a non-traditional program, MGTC offers membership in the Non-Traditional Student Association as well as a monthly support group called "New Traditions", both of which are designed to empower and provide networking opportunities. We would like to encourage you to entertain entering into any of these programs without allowing your particular gender to affect your selection of career path. Female ElectricianAt Middle Georgia Technical College, our sincerest desire is for all students to pursue their vocational dreams and professional goals without permitting any unrelated personal traits to block their way, whether it be race, national origin or ethnicity, religious beliefs, or in this case, their particular gender. Below are listed all the programs MGTC offers which historically have had the designation of "non-traditional", with each indicating which gender that particular major is considered to be "non-traditional" for. Please look over these programs and know that Middle Georgia Technical College will welcome and support any career direction you decide on!

Program Name Non Traditional Gender Campus Offered Starting Annual Salary Range(GA)
Aircraft Structural Technology Female Main Campus ($26-43,000)
Air Conditioning Technology Female Main Campus ($25-44,000)
Automotive Technology Female Main Campus ($23-44,000)
Aviation Maintenance Technology Female Main Campus ($43-57,000)
Barbering Female Main Campus ($27-57,000)
Commercial Truck Driving Female Main Campus ($28-45,000)
Computer Information Systems Female Main Campus ($57-92,000)
Criminal Justice Female Main Campus ($21-46,000)
Drafting Female Main Campus ($32-60,000)
Electronics and Telecommunications Female Main Campus ($42-53,000)
Industrial Systems Technology Female Main Campus ($40-56,000)
Machine Tool Technology Female Main Campus ($21-39,000)
Welding and Joining Technology Female Main Campus ($26-34,000)
Accounting Male Main Campus ($44-74,000)
Business Administrative Technology Male Main Campus ($20-31,000)
Cosmetology Male Main Campus ($18-32,000)
Dental Hygiene Male Main Campus ($51-73,000)
Early Childhood Care and Education Male Main Campus ($13-19,000)
Medical Assisting Male Main Campus ($23-32,000)
Paralegal Studies Male Main Campus ($35-60,000)
Practical Nursing and Related Programs Male Main Campus ($29-56,000)
Surgical Technology Male Main Campus ($29-39,000)

Gainful Employment

MGTC has provided Gainful Employment disclosure data for its credit programs. This information can be used to estimate the cost of various programs, program length, average student debt upon program completion, and potential employers upon completion.

New Traditions

A unique support group experience open to those in the MGTC student body, who would be considered nontraditional such as:

  • Single Parent
  • Displaced Homemaker
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Current or former TANF recipient
  • Enrolled in a program traditionally attracting members of the opposite gender
  • Students age 30 or Over"

Sponsored by the NTSA


Non-Traditional Student Association

Non-Traditional Student Association Logo The Non-Traditional Student Association is an organization which consists of the same students who are invited to attend the monthly "New Traditions" support group(see "New Traditions" above), and provides opportunities for these students to network with others experiencing the same academic, personal, or professional issues and challenges.Contact: Donna Dutcher, NTSA Advisor